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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I list my car for?
A: You can list your car for as long as you need too, although after three weeks of listing we email you for confirmation of continuance.

Q: Do you offer assistance if required for listing my car
A: Yes we can create your account and list your car for you. Furthermore we can assist and advise on how to upload any images of your car onto your listing.

Q: What happens after I have submitted the listing form and paid for my advert
A: When we have received your payment you will receive a username and password and will be able to access your account, from there you can proceed to list your car and add photos, returning at any time to make changes to your advert.

Q: Must I have images when listing my car
A: No you do not need images, but images will help improve your chances of selling your car. However we can upload library photos for you.

Q: Can I make changes to my listing
A: Yes you have full control of your listing and can go into your account and make changes at any time.

Q: Can I change my password
A: Yes you can change your password and access into your account

Q: Can I avoid displaying my details i.e. email, telephone etc. along with my advert.
A: Yes you can, You can promote your car directly with Car Sales Direct using our details and phone numbers, we in turn inform you of any enquiries that come through. This optional brokerage service is free to all our customers.

Helpful hints and step by step guide on using your site account

1. When you have received your username and password click onto the login link on the menu bar. In the dialogue box enter your username and password and proceed to your account.

2. When you enter your account you will see a dialogue box and a series of tabs. If you click on the New Listing tab, you will proceed to a page where you will enter all your car details and submit your listing. From there you will proceed to the listing summery and photo manager.

3. If you click on the photo manager tab you will be directed onto the photo dialogue box where you can upload up to six images of your car.

4. Use the tabs to navigate around the administration area of your account, we have designed the site to be as user friendly as possible as well as allowing comprehensive control over your adverts and account.


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